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Temporary Total Disability

The main focus of Minnesota Workers’ Compensation law is to ensure that injured workers are justly compensated. It holds employers responsible while at the same time allowing them protection from being sent into bankruptcy because of law suits. One type of relief that injured workers may receive is called temporary total disability

Can I Choose My Doctor?

In Minnesota, employees have the right to choose the medical provider who will treat their injury. An exception exists where the employee accepts a physician furnished by their employer. In this case, the employee would be deemed to have “selected” the physician.

What about Medical Costs?

If you get injured at work, your employer may be required to pay for the resulting medical care. In order for the medical treatment to be covered, it must be reasonably required to “cure and relieve” an injury that arose out of and in the course of your employment. The Minnesota Supreme Court has ruled that “cure and relieve” actually means “cure or relieve.”