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Eat) 5. Bears ______________________________ in the winter. (hibernate) 6. The boy ______________________________ the basketball down the court. (dribble) 7. The man ______________________________ the furniture. (move) 8. The students ______________________________ their backpacks to school everyday. (carry) 9. He always ______________________________ on the door before he opens it. (knock) 10. Bailey and Bella ______________________________ together everyday. (play) Writing Write a paragraph describing something you are involved in right now.

The past tense of try _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 9. the future tense of try _________________________________________________________________________________________________ 36 Verb Tense Independent Practice Write the correct tense for each verb, making the verb agree with a singular subject. The last five verbs are irregular verbs. Write the rule you used from page 30 for the past tense. VERB PRESENT PAST RULE # FUTURE succeed jump kick love hurry flip rip smile try carry went sing catch drive eat 37 Complete Sentences A complete sentence must express a complete thought.

_________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 59 Titles of Books How do you signify the title of a book? 1. Always capitalize the main words. 2. You do not need to capitalize words in the title such as ‘of, and, or, a”. 3. If you are using a computer, the title should be typed in italics or underlined. 4. If you are writing the title yourself, then underline the title. Guided Practice 1. What two things should you always do when writing a book title?

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