7 Paths to God: The Ways of the Mystic - download pdf or read online

By Joan Borysenko

ISBN-10: 1561703923

ISBN-13: 9781561703920

Joan Borysenko explores the ways that mysticism can input into your lifestyles. You don't need to climb a mountain or trek via Nepal to event a magical second; what you do need to research is to be totally found in your daily life and to open up the extreme within the mundane. This booklet teaches readers tips to do that of their lives.

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It’s something else we can do to get somewhere else, to get somewhere where we aren’t now. I was listening to a Quaker recently. He read out an improving passage from a Quaker book of readings. It was about how we must use every moment we are on the earth to become more aware and to become more loving to others and to develop and improve ourselves. It’s so tiring! I would rather place my faith in farting around as Kurt Vonnegut said. Fart around. If there were a technique, I’d say at five o’clock, which isn’t all that far away, let’s all go out and fart around.

It might be great fun. Or you might just think “I can’t be bothered with that. ” When you talk you use terms like ‘I’, ‘me’ and ‘you’. It’s just the nature of language. If we to try to avoid these terms we end up torturing language. It sounds awful. We can end up with people trying to talk as if they’re not people. I have lucid dreams. I know I’m dreaming and I sometimes wonder whether life is like a lucid dream. Lucid dreaming is a good metaphor because it involves a waking up to the realisation that it is a dream.

Because it’s an impossible ideal, we can never reach it and so we can keep moving along the spiritual path towards it forever. 44 the box with the key locked inside We could regard this as simply the activity of psychological projection. We disown all our most positive qualities and make ourself into a miserable, inadequate, unenlightened spiritual seeker. Then we project all our positive qualities onto a guru. The more idealised we make the guru and the more unattainable his state seems, the longer we can maintain our search.

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