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By Hidemitsu Takahashi

ISBN-10: 9027223890

ISBN-13: 9789027223890

ISBN-10: 9027274762

ISBN-13: 9789027274762

1. record of figures, photographs; 2. record of tables, pxi; three. Abbreviations, pxiii; four. Acknowledgments, pxv-xvii; five. 1. advent, p1-20; 6. 2. staring at English imperatives in motion, p21-56; 7. three. The that means of the English principal, p57-92; eight. four. Accounting for a few of the findings in bankruptcy 2 and the alternative among imperatives and oblique directives, p93-119; nine. five. combined important structures: Passive, revolutionary, and perfective imperatives in English, p121-135; 10. 6. Conditional imperatives in English, p137-171; eleven. 7. English imperatives in concessive clauses, p173-196; 12. eight. jap imperatives, p197-219; thirteen. nine. Conclusions and clients, p221-224; 14. References, p225-236; 15. information assets, p237; sixteen. identify index, p239-240; 17. topic index, p241-242

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You’re not in front of a jury. Mr. Sheridan, let me be blunt. ”  (Deception, p. 194) This pattern is predominant in every story – 10 out of 17 in The Sky is Falling, 8 out of 12 in The Pelican Brief, 10 out of 15 in Malice, and 54 out of 59 in The Deception. Table 2-5 compares the indirect object of let in imperatives with that in declaratives. First, in conformity with Stefanowitch and Gries’s analysis, the combination let me is predominant in imperatives, but extremely rare in declaratives – only one instance was found: You’d better let me write it.

E. how, and why, one construction (say, Construction A) is more compatible with another construction B, but not with still another construction C. An actual expression involves the amalgam of several distinct constructions (cf. Goldberg 2006: 10). This perspective helps explain the (in)felicity of numerous mixed imperative Chapter 1. Introduction constructions that vary in relative size and complexity. Included are imperatives with passive, progressive, and perfective verbs, conditional imperatives with and/ or, and imperatives in subordinate clauses.

In this information-seeking usage, tell me occurs in one of the following three patterns, (A) monotransitive: tell me about NP; (B) monotransitive: tell me + Interrogative; and (C) ditransitive: tell me + Indirect Interrogative:  (A) monotransitive: tell me about NP (11/25 tokens) (11) a. Tell me about your family.  b.  c. Tell me about Rachel.  d. Tell me about the maps.  e.  (Malice, p. 178) (Sky, p. 188) (Sky, p. 278) (Pelican, p. 196) (Pelican, p. 26) (B) monotransitive: tell me + Interrogative (8/25 tokens) (12) a.

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