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All the factors considered in industry. An industry would never price items below their production costs, while farmers are often forced to sell at low prices under the pressure of circumstances. Often in farming families, everyone is working - but is there any calculation of their labor value in pricing? Enacting this reform will ensure stability in the lives of farmers. This will necessitate changes in the economic system, but will have tremendous benefits for the small farmer. This change in economic emphasis recognizes the importance of farmers and their livelihood.

Planning should be consistent with the overall goals of PROUT to achieve maximum utilization and rational distribution. Planning must be short term, keeping in mind long term goals and considerations. PROUT suggests six months as the ideal for short term and three years as the ideal of long term planning and projection. If planning reaches far into the future it will become impractical and will fail to adjust with scientific advancement and other unpredictable factors. But, if planning does not keep long term objectives in mind then it will be difficult to fulfill the economic necessities of an area.

This will come about through advances in the production of synthetic raw materials, and through new methods of utilizing existing resources. Part C: SERVICES Section One: Taxation and the Banking System Instead of taxing income, as is customary at the present time, PROUT proposes that taxes be levied at the point of production. Essential commodities would be tax free. Hence, there would be less 43 bureaucratic involvement, reducing government expenditure, and the government's income would accurately reflect the activity in the economic sector.

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