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By Hans C. Boas

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Delivering a unified resolution in the frameworks of development Grammar and body Semantics, Hans Boas develops an account of resultative buildings in English by means of grouping them in periods: conventionalized and non-conventionalized. The usage-based version used the following proposes that every specific experience of a verb constitutes a conventionalized mini-construction, that is the most important info for the licensing of arguments. against this, verbs in non-conventionalized resultative structures can collect a singular which means and thereby a brand new syntactic body. English and German resultatives are in comparison to illustrate the specific lexical polysemy networks of English and German verbs.

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Our discussion of Bowers' (1 997) account shows that although the idea of analyzing both transitive and intransitive resultatives in terms of a uniform Binary Branching Analysis is appealing for theory-internal reasons particular to the Minimalist Program , it poses serious empirical problems when an attempt is made to motivate the occurrence of postverbal NPs of intransitive resultatives. Moreover, there is no mechanism that accounts for the distribution of resultative phrases in this framework.

Judgments made about the acceptability of resultative constructions in this work reflect the method of data collection. In cases in which the large majority of speakers found a sentence to be unacceptable , a sentence is marked by an asterisk (咕'). The use of the asterisk does not necessarily indicate that the resultative construction is ungrammatical (see Chomsky's (1 965: 10-21) discussion of grammaticalness vs. com. Intemet citations are followed by the web-page address or the Message-ID number.

G. , Contreras (1 987) for SCs in Spanish, Chung and McCloskey (1 987) for SCs in lrish, and Staudinger (1 997) for SCs in Gerrnan. 2 Resultatives as Complement SCs Hoekstra (1 988 , 1992b) discusses three different kinds of verb classes that Occur in resultative constructions: the first class consists of verbs that are usually intransitive but may combine with a postverbal NP and a predicate to form a resultative construction (cf. 6)). The second class includes verbs that are typically transitive but , if combined with a NP alone, do not form a coherent semantic unit (cf.

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