New PDF release: A Descriptive and Comparative Grammar of Andalusi Arabic

By University of Zaragoza

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Outfitted at the scarce, yet now not insignificant surviving fabrics of Andalusi Arabic, this paintings offers a synchronic descriptive survey as whole as attainable of its simple grammar and lexicon, plus a few diachronic comparative comments, permitting the reader to acquire a close to actual photograph of this subject-matter.

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Alholde “a land measure”, from OA alhawd “bed in the fields”, and the ˙ ˙ matching place names Alcalde, To. and Arrabalde, Or. and Za. 58 Unlike the case of most urban NA, Eastern and Western, the interdental reflex prevailed in Al-Andalus together with /t/ and /d/, with an outcome parallel ¯ ¯ to that of Bedouin dialects, which is a hallmark of only the older layer of - be also the prevailing grapheme in AA written NA. , although there are also a host of ultra-correct cases of the opposite sign, like GL 464 ›muw¯adabah‹ “endeavour”, for standard muw¯adabah, and ›¯u #id‹ ˙˙ ˙ “I warn”, from {w #d}.

Tagra(t) “vessel”, reflected in AA as táqra. 70 Other cases of loss of /k/ and /q/ in syllable codas in Cs. loanwords are atabe, cebiche, tahúr and zabra, and Gibraltar in a place name; see Corriente 2008c: 202–202. 71 However, this voiced realization of /q/ appears to hark back to the very beginnings of the Islamic invasion, since Hisp. , Zaragoza and Cádiz, vs. instances like ›garn¯ ˙ ˙atah‹ for Granada, which is more recent, but supported by old ˙ transcriptions in the earliest Andalusi historians, like ›gndlˇ ˙ s‹ “Vandals” and ›g˙ tyˇsh‹ “Witiza”, apparently pronounced *gándalos´ and *gitís´ a (see Penelas 2001:48 and 135,˙ Arabic text), comparable to Romancisms in AA like VA ›girrah‹ ˙ from pan-Hisp.

And Pt. rábida, from AA rábita). In final ˙ position, the devoicing may have been caused by inner rules of the IberoRm. , Cs. arrope, Ct. arrop, vs. Pt. arrobe “grape syrup”, from AA arrúbb, Ct. aixarop “syrup”, vs. Cs. jarabe, from SA aˇssˇ ar¯ab. In other instances, however, this phenomenon is likely connected with the tense feature implied by gemination or other circumstances, like Alc. chupáka = /ˇcuppáha/ “sound produced with the mouth”, spelled in VA ˙ ¯ as ›ˇgubb¯ahah‹ “soap bubble”, possibly by contamination of devoicing to the ¯ whole consonantal skeleton.

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