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By Michael Edward Moore

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Drawing at the documents of approximately a hundred bishops' councils spanning the centuries, along royal legislation, edicts, and capitularies of an identical interval, this research information how royal legislation and the very personality of kingship one of the Franks have been profoundly stricken by episcopal traditions of legislations and social order.

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Council of Riez (439) CCSL 148:61–75; Hefele-Leclercq, Histoire des conciles 2:423. 30. There are several versions of the subscription list: Council of Orange (441), CCSL 148:87–90. 31. “Ponamus animus pro ouibus, quia fures introierunt, et leo saeuiens circuit,” Hilary of Poitiers, Contre Constance, ed. André Rocher, SC 334 (Paris: 1987), 166; “Antichristum praeuenis,” Hilary of Poitiers, Contre Constance, 180; see also Bertrand Fauvarque, “Eschatologie: Conversion et mission à la fin de l’Empire romain,” MScR 53 (1996): 13–26, esp.

Cultural existence is also a basic reality of the historical world. People do not merely act and behave, but also think and believe, reflecting on what they do and what is done to them.  . ” Throughout this book, I have given special prominence to a major body of evidence—episcopal law, which has been used only in a limited way by historians. Records of councils are one of the most continuous source-types for the period, reflecting the social ideals, patterns of governance, and political myths of an important group of men.

In translating the Hebrew goyim by the Latin gentes (or gentiles), Jerome and other translators of the Bible An Introduction to Theology in the Early Church, edited by G. R. Evans, 243–47; quoting 243 (Oxford: 2004). 65. John Moorhead, The Roman Empire Divided (Harlow: 2001), 24. 66. Demandt, Geschichte der Spätantike, 285. 67. Such was Emperor Julian’s perception of European peoples outside the limits of the Empire: Jean Bouffartigue, “L’Empereur Julien et les barbares: Réalisme et illusion,” in Haut moyenâge: Culture, éducation et société—Études offertes à Pierre Riché, edited by Michel Sot, 49–58 (La Garenne–Colombes: 1990); see also Bartelink, Geboorte van Europa, 24–28.

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