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In A Syntax of Substance, David Adger proposes a brand new method of word constitution that eschews sensible heads and labels constructions exocentrically. His idea concurrently simplifies the syntactic process and restricts the diversity of attainable buildings, ruling out the ever-present (remnant) roll-up derivations and forcing a separation of arguments from their obvious heads. This new process has a couple of empirical outcomes, which Adger explores within the area of relational nominals throughout various language households, together with Germanic, Romance, Celtic, Polynesian, and Semitic. He exhibits that the relationality of such nouns as hand, edge, or mother -- which appear to have as a part of their that means a relation among ingredients -- is absolutely a part of the syntactic illustration within which they're used instead of an inherent a part of their that means. This empirical final result follows without delay from the recent syntactic method, as does a unique research of PP enhances to nouns and possessors. Given this, he argues that nouns can, ordinarily, be regarded as easily requisites of substance, differentiating them from actual predicates.

A Syntax of Substance bargains an leading edge contribution to debates in theoretical syntax in regards to the nature of syntactic representations and the way they connect with semantic interpretation and linear order.

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The telescoped system necessitates separating off the semantics of structures from the semantics of labels, but that does not pose any particular difficulties for the implementation. 5 Linearization The system developed here produces purely symmetrical headless structures and so, obviously, cannot adopt the Linear Correspondence Axiom of Kayne (1994) directly. However, at least descriptively, as argued forcefully by Kayne and others, specifiers and complements do appear to linearize in an asymmetrical fashion.

In a system where labels are determined by the LI status of α or β, and where neither is an LI, there is no obvious answer to the Specifier Problem. In a system where the label is determined by whichever of α or β probes, we need to inspect further the properties of the constituents of α and β, or we need to stipulate that the probing capacity is somehow able to project upward. Even accepting this, some statement of the relationship between probing or selecting and the labelhood or locushood of α and/or β needs to be made.

Syntactic Interpretation 43 This effectively rules out structures where, for example, a D has a NumP daughter and an NP daughter. Such structures are typically taken to be ill formed anyway, although I know of no theory that rules them out as the present one does. 3 The second possibility is also interesting from the perspective of current syntactic theory: X3 is internally Merged from inside X4; that is, there is a single root token in the structure and hence a single REP. This would entail the following kind of derivation: (16) a.

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