Download e-book for kindle: Absolute Monarchs: A History of the Papacy by John Julius Norwich

By John Julius Norwich

ISBN-10: 1400067154

ISBN-13: 9781400067152

With the papacy embattled in recent times, it truly is necessary to have the viewpoint of 1 of the world’s such a lot complete historians. In Absolute Monarchs, John Julius Norwich captures approximately thousand years of notion and devotion, intrigue and scandal. the boys (and might be one lady) who've held this place of infallible strength over hundreds of thousands have ranged from heroes to rogues, admirably clever to absolutely decadent. Norwich, who knew popes and had inner most audiences with others, recounts in riveting aspect the histories of the main major popes and what they intended politically, culturally, and socially to Rome and to the world.

Norwich provides such courageous popes as blameless I, who within the 5th century effectively negotiated with Alaric the Goth, an invader civil experts couldn't defeat, and Leo I, who 20 years later tamed (and probably paid off) Attila the Hun. right here, too, are the scandalous figures: Pope Joan, the mythic girl acknowledged (without any substantiation) to were elected in 855, and the notorious “pornocracy,” the 5 libertines who have been descendants or fans of Marozia, debauched daughter of 1 of Rome’s strongest families.

Absolute Monarchs brilliantly portrays reformers reminiscent of Pope Paul III, “the maximum pontiff of the 16th century,” who reinterpreted the Church’s instructing and self-discipline, and John XXIII, who in 5 brief years beginning in 1958 “opened up the church to the 20th century,” instituting reforms that resulted in Vatican II. Norwich brings the tale to the current day with Benedict XVI, who's dealing with a world priest intercourse scandal.

Epic and compelling, Absolute Monarchs is the dazzling tale of a few of history’s such a lot respected and reviled figures, males who nonetheless forged gentle and shadows at the Vatican and the realm at the present time.

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