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By Hugh Lindsay

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Adoption in different cultures and different occasions offers a historical past to figuring out the operation of adoption within the Roman worlds. This publication considers the connection of adoption to kinship buildings within the Greek and Roman global. It considers the strategies for adoption via a separate research of testamentary instances, and the effect of adoption on nomenclature. The impression of adoption on inheritance preparations is taken into account, together with an account of ways the households of freedmen have been affected. Its use as a style of succession at Rome is special, and this is helping to appreciate the anxiousness of childless Romans to acquire a son via adoption, instead of just to nominate heirs of their wills. the method additionally had political makes use of, and importantly it was once used to arrange traditional succession within the imperial family members. The publication concludes with political adoptions, taking a look at the targeted case reports of Clodius and Octavian.

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It seems most unlikely that this was ever seen as a commercial transaction as such; rather, the emphasis was on the exchange of social and political benefits. In China this may also be seen as a reflection of the poor economic standing of the parties. In Hai-shan, unlike certain other Chinese communities, the pressure to adopt an agnate 18 Adoption in the Roman World was not there. It was one of the more liberal communities. People who wanted to adopt could take any child they could find and those who wanted to sell one of their sons were free to seek the best price.

Her analysis shows how different matters in Athens were from those in Rome. Nevertheless, it is important not to exaggerate differences. Some essentials were very close. The aim was to clarify issues of succession. Political developments in the two cultures were far from uniform, and the handling of power in the family was managed differently. Despite this, the threefold model for Greece has some enduring value. The timing of the clarification of relationships between parties to an adoption was crucial in both cultures.

This approach has some impact on the normal age for adoption, which is very young. Wolf and Huang identify several forms of adoption corresponding to these differences of status. The Royal Commission appointed to investigate the mui tsai problem in Hong Kong and Malaysia discussed the various statuses (mui tsai were a kind of marginal family member: young girls taken into families with a virtually servile status). The commission found that if a son adopted is an agnate, the transfer is called shing kai, or taking over the succession, or kwo tsz, or going over to be heir, or going over to the sacra.

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