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By Donald B. Redford

ISBN-10: 0691035679

ISBN-13: 9780691035673

Describes the realm of Akhenaten, a ruler of historical Egypt who tried to introduce monotheism via worship of the solar.

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The labor quota of Wawat: [goldl. ); 16 male and female Nubian slaves; longhorns and short­ he of E; ferenl small own The e dient: their san1e ruler~ contil desig: admil k pt t contil Lc term have: but tI loyal upon name In despa but d were finem On d back 1 fortur found 7· [j 6. On Egypt and Nubia in ancient times Egypt hI Nubia (London, 1965); B. Trigger, see especially A. J. Arkell, A Hisrory of the Sudall 10 1821 (London, 1961); W. B. , 1976). 24 8. 0 provin( pact ofl GLIMPSES horns, 77 in addition to [cargo-boats] lad n with all the fine products of thi land.

Similarly in the ancient Near East the cultured city-dweller associated love of battle with the West Semitic Amorites and their kin, who are often described as seminomadic. In Egypt the warrior image of the Middle Kingdom rulers attests to the love of battle for its own sake, and in the New Kingdom it persists, principally during the reign of Thutmose I. " 12 "He found no one (i. " 3 A feeling of patriotism informs Thutmose's inscriptions, centered not simply on Egypt but on Thebes in particular; and one can sense his flush of pride in the recent reversal of the city's fortunes.

W. HeJck, Oriells Al1tiqllllS 5 ([966), 2ff; R. Stadel mann, Syvisch Paliislillellsische GottheilCII ill A,Rypten (Leiden, 1967). 2. Throll hair, I emp] the I man' the e the s mad: of d bedc cust( text, like Jour! yOU] ren "Nc Shas I) . 1. Talatat from the nirlth pylon showin:~ An-lOrite and Sudanese auxiliary troops. Throughout Egyptian art Amorites are easily distinguished by their long beards and clubbed hair, tied round with a filet. empire is the wandering bedouin with his flocks. To pasture his animals in the Delta and eat of the plentiful food produced there remained the goal of many a tribesman from the Negeb.

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