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Marshall's theories of monetary and social development are defined near to the medical and philosophical hobbies which inspired them: utilitarianism, evolutionism, mathematical marginalism and moral idealism.

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31 Marshall, one learns with no great surprise, was no great fan of the Suffragettes and similar manifestations of what he regarded as 'a selfish desire among women to resemble men' such as tends, most regrettably, to 'destroy that balance and mutual supplementary adaptation of masculine and feminine character, which enabled a man to secure rest and repose by marriage; though he might probably have been worried beyond endurance by the lifelong incessant companionship of another man. '32 A man with such conceptions and ideals is not, of course, every woman's cup of tea.

He was 35 years of age and had published next to nothing: a defence of Mill on value in the Fortnightly Review (1876), an essay on 'The Future of the Working Classes' which had been accepted by his college magazine, the Eagle (1874), a note on monopoly which appeared in the Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society (1873), and the review of the Theory oj Political Economy in The Academy (1872) of which Jevons wrote in 1874 to J. 43 In giving up a Cambridge Fellowship in order to get married, Alfred Marshall was undeniably taking a great risk with his academic career: he could all too easily have disappeared into a minor boys' public school and never been heard of again.

Be that as it may, it was the mix between the intellectually challenging, the vocationally useful and the morally uplifting which the new Principal and Professor most wanted to get right when he contemplated and discussed the syllabus that would be most appropriate for the new University College. Cambridge and Bristol 35 The College was a new one and had to be publicised; and as Marshall wrote to Hewins in 1899, 'my duties as advertiser in chief were specially onerous [and] ... 6S There was so little in the way of back-up staff that the Principal himself (although appointed as an academic, widely respected in Cambridge) was at one point involved in helping students to find accommodation.

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