Martin W. Ball's All Is One: Understanding Entheogens and Nonduality PDF

By Martin W. Ball

During this brief, yet provocative, e-book, entheogenic researcher, Martin W. Ball, Ph.D., keeps his ongoing elucidation of the Entheological Paradigm, nonduality, and the function of entheogens in own awakening and transformation. half I covers nonduality, the character of the ego, and the full of life adventure of entheogens, taking a detailed examine what nonduality either is and is not. half II contains decisions from Martin's new novel, past Azara, that depict the 5-MeO-DMT adventure with "Slipping into Infinity" and a glance at how truth works as a unified vigorous process with "The tale of the One." half III positive factors "God's guide for working Human Vehicles," a significant but tongue-in-cheek advisor for dwelling authentically as an immediate embodiment of the only common cognizance. The undertaking wraps up with a few verse urging "Sleepwalkers, Awaken!" For a person attracted to nonduality, the unitary nature of fact, and the robust position of entheogens in human understanding, this can be a needs to learn.

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Subtle” and “gross” is just a conceptual distinction that has no real ontological basis. It is for this reason, among others, that I have focused on the energetic states made available through entheogens as tools for mystical awakening. Entheogens act energetically directly on the ego, and therefore are potent tools, as is discussed below. None of this is understood to “subtle” in any way, as the energetic effects of entheogens are the immediate effects of their action on human bodies physiologically.

In this scene, a young monk-in-training, Jendru Amdin, is encountering the 5-MeO-DMT experience for the first time with a seasoned master, Seyloq Surya. Here, Jendru is presented as on his way to accepting nondual reality, but still struggling with the energetic shocks to his system and the resistance of his ego and normal sense of self and identity. Jendru is also depicted as finding his spiritual training as insufficient preparation for this experience and is having trouble reconciling what he is experiencing with what he has learned to believe about himself and the nature of being – all fairly typical events for those who choose to work with powerful entheogenic tools.

Preface The following is a collection of recent writings of mine pertaining to the topic of nondualism and entheogens. It is offered here as a mini-ebook as an expression of my personal meditations and realizations on this most interesting and timely topic. This project was inspired by a recent request by the editors at Reality Sandwich to put together a mini-ebook for them following up on an interview I formerly published with Rick Strassman about his research on DMT. I quickly put something together for them, and liked the idea of releasing a short ebook so much that I thought I’d put out one on my own.

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