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By Peter Bonfield

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ISBN-13: 9781860812910

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He had left that city as a mere lieutenant in 1916 but now returned as a full colonel with a DSO and a CB. General Allenby had recommended that Lawrence be given a knighthood. Despite these trappings of success, it is certain that the outcome of the revolt was a profound disappointment to him. As he later wrote, he had seen his ‘dreams puffed out like candles, in the strong wind of success’. OPPOSING COMMANDERS One fascinating aspect of the history of the Arab Revolt is that there has been so little attention paid to the Ottoman Army and its commanders during that campaign.

The Ottoman commanders knew that raiding parties under Arab and Allied officers were targeting their main line of communication but they did not identify a single officer as being the driving force behind this. Equally, the idea that the Turkish high command had placed a price on Lawrence’s head is a total myth. With respect to command responsibilities, the Arab Revolt took place in territory under the control of Ahmed Cemal Pasha (Büyük1). This soldier and ambitious statesman was a leading figure in the Committee of Union and Progress (CUP).

Attack on the Hejaz Railway, 1 January 1918 The allocation of a squadron of Rolls-Royce armoured cars, Talbot cars equipped with 10-pdr guns and light Ford cars provided the Arab Army with an increased level of mobile firepower. In late 1917 Lawrence and Lt. Col. Joyce experimented with these cars by travelling across country towards the Hejaz Railway. On 1 January 1918 they carried out a series of attacks on Turkish blockhouses north of the important railway station at Mudawwarah. The armoured plating of the Rolls-Royce cars allowed them to approach Turkish positions with relative impunity.

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American plywood in roof construction : a design guide. Garston : CRC, . ISBN 1 86081 291 0 by Peter Bonfield

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