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This surely constitutes major methodological progress. Though many issues are still unresolved, the growing ties between formal linguistics and language acquisition research provide the foundation for approaching them, asking the right questions, and putting them to empirical test. The papers in this volume are aimed at furthering these developments. References Avrutin, Sergej & Kenneth Wexler. 1992. 259-306. Baker, Mark. 1988. Incorporation: A theory ofgrammaticalfunction changing. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

This runs directly counter to the Small Clause Hypothesis, which holds that the early grammar projects only lexical categories, and the Short Clause Hypothesis, according to which the early grammar lacks a COMP system (though it may have one or more INFL projections). We have presented a number of empirical arguments for the FCH. First, children acquiring V2 languages such as Dutch and German, as well as children acquiring residual V2 languages like English, raise finite verbs (or auxiliaries in the case of English) to a functional position above IP, arguably COMP.

They do not raise verbs in embedded declaratives, such as (22a) and, as it turns out, they do not raise the verb in embedded V2, NULL ARGUMENTS AND COMP PROJECTIONS 43 interrogatives either (Harald Clahsen, pers. ). Thus, they differ from Icelandic children in this respect. This would seem to be a problem for our analysis in that by our hypothesis German and Icelandic children both have V-to-C, and hence, all else being equal, they should behave the same. So the question is: Why do German (and Dutch) children fail to move the verb to COMP in embedded interrogatives, while Icelandic children do?

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