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Launched for visual night searches. This project was cancelled when the Gruman S2F-1 Tracker was accepted as the fleet's carrier-based ASW aircraft. This Skyraider was then converted to AD-5N/ standards. (National Archives) Left: The MAD boom is shown here in the extended position, while in the photograph above it is retracted beneath the rudder. (National Archives) ! ~ )I A retro flare launcher was located under the aft fuselage on the lower speed brake. (National Archives) 54 The AN/APS-31 search radar pod was intended as standard equipment for the AD-55.

Since the South Vietnamese Air Force received U. S. Air Force A-1Es, these changes were also applicable to VNAF aircraft as well. (Wilkes) Left: The Air Force added dual controls in the cockpits of its A-1Es, and some external changes were made as well. A landing light was added to the left landing gear door. Also notice the solid steel main wheel design used on most Air Force Skyraiders. (Wilkes) Coverage of the AD-5/A-1 E continues on page 49. 32 COLOR GALLERY AD-3E, BuNo. 122906, was assigned to test and evaluation~ squadron VX-1 at NAS Boca Chica.

Both, National Archives) 51 AD-5Q (EA-1 F) The fifty-four AD-5Qs were converted from AD-5Ns and were used for the electronic warfare role. A pilot and navigator occupied the front cockpit, while two ECM operators flew in the middle compartment and employed the sophisticated electronic warfare equipment. This AD5Q operated from USS SARATOGA, CVA-60, and was assigned to VAW33 in early 1961. It had the tinted canopy sections covering the middle compartment, but many AD-5Qs had solid canopy sections which had small tinted windows.

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