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In addition, the scattering of the meteoritic matter is governed by the explosive disintegration of the meteorite, accompanied by the liberation of a large quantity of thermal energy. This inevitably led to the formation of a powerful ascending current of hot air the analog of the radioactive cloud that rises from a nuclear explosion. Unlike the nuclear explosion of the pure air-burst type, which is virtually free of any dust particles ,the cloud resulting from the Tunguska explosion may have contained a significant quantity of dust and liquid particles, although it was on a considerably lower energy level.

Numerous core samples of the peat deposit uniform depth throughout the entire area of the funnel, the mineral base is flat, and the walls in the south and north morasses fail to reveal any mixing of the peat with the 'ooze' or subsoil. The peat deposit exhibited rather clearly oriented stratification throughout... The 'embankments' on the surface of the south morass, which extend, with slight separation from one another, in the direction perpendicular to the runoff, are ordinary ridges 20 to 30 centimeters in height covered with dwarf arctic birch, bog underbrush, hypnum and sphagnum, and quite often with woody vegetation (Fig.

Sleta). Evaluation of these data by the Forest Fire Prevention Laboratory at the Forestry and Lumber Institute of the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences should make it possible to establish a numerical scale for the minimum quantity of radiant energy required to start the 1908 fire. The maximum quantity of energy can be found on the basis of the fact that various species of trees (larches, pines, and cedars) survived in the area of the epicenter, in some cases even retaining live branches.

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